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Many Britons Are Reaching The Point Of Obesity After Failing To Trim Their Waistline On Time!
Most Brits are blind to the fact that the pounds they are piling on are putting them at risk of having health problems, reveals a new survey.

According to a report released on August 23, a huge number of people are suffering from "fat blindness", and do not seem to notice how big they have become, reports the Daily Express.

Figures from WeightWatchers show that many are reaching the point of obesity after failing to trim their waistline on time.

The weight of the average Briton who seeks help to slim down has increased by 18lb in 20 years, and WeightWatchers say members' average start weight has risen from 12.3stone in 1989 to 13.7stone today.

In Body Mass Index terms, the reading of the average new member has increased from 29.2 to 32.

This means that the average newcomer to the club, there were 850,000 in the UK last year, is already obese by the time they join.

A quarter of Britons are classed as obese, which means they have a BMI of 30 to 34.9. A decade ago only 11 per cent fell into this category.

Source: ANI

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