Man Born Without Penis to be Operated for a New Penis

by Raja Nandhini on Mar 19 2013 5:54 AM

 Man Born Without Penis to be Operated for a New Penis
Andrew Wardle, from Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, was born without penis and a urinary bladder outside the body. This rare condition affects only one in 20 million men.
Specialists from University College London have agreed to give him his manhood by grafting a penis made from the skin of his arm.

Previously as a child, Mr. Wardle had to undergo 15 surgeries due to many kidney problems and to build a tube from the bladder for him to urinate.

The procedure involves three operations. The first operation is a complex 12-hour surgery where the flap of skin along with nerves and blood vessels would be removed from his arms and folded into a penis shaped graft.

The other two surgeries are required to fix the graft into the pubic region and to link it with the testicles.

Andrew Wardle had faced humiliation and gone through difficult times due to his inability to have sex like a normal man.

Mr. Wardle looks forward for the operation and is eager to lead a normal life.