by VR Sreeraman on  August 21, 2010 at 5:15 PM Indian Health News
 Malnourishment Claims Lives of Three Girls in Maharashtra
At least three tribal girls have died of malnourishment in a remote village of Maharashtra's Aurangabad District.

Bhil tribals of the village complained that local doctors did not attend to the children.

"My daughter died after suffering for four days. We took her to a doctor. He touched her and said, 'I have some problem and I have to leave'. I joined my hands and pleaded, and asked him to at least to check her up, but he refused, complained Jalinder Bhika More, the father of a girl who died of malnutrition.

"The doctor said we don't take such decisions in the hospital. We had no money and asked another doctor to provide a van, but it was not provided," he added.

Numerous children of the village, which has about 200 slum clusters, suffer from malnutrition.

"My daughter was 12 months old. She had fever and we took her to doctor, he did not treat here," said Balu Eknath Sonvane, the father of another girl who died of malnutrition.

The doctors, when approached, refused to comment or come on camera.

The District authorities, however, said that several schemes are in place for the free treatment of malnourished children.

"Children suffering from malnutrition are admitted and the government bears all the cost, and their guardians are also given money. I know that some 300-400 people stay here," said Tribal Development Officer Madhukar Gaekwad.

Source: ANI

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