Likely to Get Restful Sleep With LED Bio-bulb

by Nancy Needhima on Dec 23 2011 10:42 PM

Likely to Get Restful Sleep With LED Bio-bulb
Troubled sleep at night is soon to be history thanks to the new LED bio-bulb. The light will allow people to see at night without hindering body's natural mechanisms. Majority usually find it difficult to get a restful sleep for several hours after sitting under bright lights past sunset.
Now a Florida inventor is testing a new LED bio-bulb that could regulate the body's circadian rhythm by helping control the production of melatonin, the body's sleep hormone that tells us when it's night time, Discovery News reported.

Fred Maxik, founder and chief technology officer of Lighting Science Group Corp asserted that this can be achieved by eliminating a small segment of the blue wavelength of light (around 465 to 485 nanometers) produced by the light bulb. We're looking at a way to filter out that part of the spectrum, and still have a white light," Maxik said.

"Our ability to restore the natural position of where we were and natural hormonal secretions is an appealing one."

Almost 20 years ago, medical researchers found that the eye has a separate photoreceptor that picks up wavelengths of light, and then sends a signal to the hypothalamus, which secretes melatonin.

Although melatonin does not make a person sleep but it does tell the body to prepare to rest.

Maxik said that he is attempting to help people see what they are doing at night, like reading, doing homework or watching TV, without making it hard to fall asleep when they are ready. He is also trying to make it dimmable.

"You need to remove part of the light spectrum, a significant notch taken out of that, and create a light that people don't see as something that's unusual."

"It has to be something that's natural," Maxik added.