by Savitha C Muppala on  September 22, 2010 at 7:04 PM AIDS/HIV News
 Kolkata Activists Spread the Word About AIDS by Organizing a Puppet Show
To reduce the stigma connected to AIDS and increase awareness, activists in Kolkata organized a unique puppet show during the weekend.

The 60-minute show, 'Sabchey Boro Atmatyag' (Biggest Self-Sacrifice) was organized by the Rahale's Little Theatre on Sunday. It depicted the message through the story of a couple, Laila and Gopal.

Juxtaposing puppets and imageries from nature along with real performers, the production was a fusion of songs; dance and dialogue show with an underlying social message on HIV/AIDS.

"HIV AIDS is a very extreme problem and when the person has this sort of disease they are ostracized from the society and I want to work on that there is nothing infectious about it, they should not be ostracized and people should have a more compassionate and kind attitude towards such patients which is parallel to humanism," said Rachael Mcbean, director of Rahale's Little Theatre.

Mcbean said she chose puppetry as she felt the medium encapsulates entertainment and education and would make a definite impact on the minds of the spectators.

"Why puppetry because I think it can give you CEET, that is, Communication, Entertainment, Education and Therapy all in one. When you communicate with someone unless you smile at them they will not be entertained. So, you must entertain someone to get their attention," said Mcbean.

"So, entertainment does not mean singing and dancing but it is an interpretation something that you juxtapose in what you present.

It got to be colourful so when you entertain somebody you educate them. Therefore you sensitize on a issue or you give a message and when they get a message and they feel happy, its a therapy," she added.

Source: ANI

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