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King Of Pop Often Spent Up To 72 Hours Lying 'Like A Living Corpse,' Says Jackson's Nurse
Michael Jackson was so hooked on to the powerful sedative Diprivan that he often begged to be knocked out like a zombie, in order to cope with the pain of continuous laser facial peels.

Kathryn Buschelle, his former plastic surgery nurse, alleges the late singer became obsessed with lightening his skin, and would subsequently crave for the drug to relieve himself of the pain.

"Michael's obsession with his appearance led to more and more skin treatments and his subsequent addiction to Diprivan led to even more. It was an insane cycle," British tabloid The Sun quoted her as saying. He was literally burning his skin off and then being knocked out like a zombie. It reads like a horror movie script. Towards the end of the 90s he was a dead man walking, that's how zoned out he was," she added.

Kathryn also said that the King of Pop often spent up to 72 hours lying "like a living corpse."

She said: "The drug began to be the sole purpose he would come to the clinic. He would stay a few days, sometimes spending as long as 72 hours under. Michael effectively mummified himself. He'd just lie like a living corpse."

She added: "There were many more grafts, during which Michael could see that he could achieve a lighter skin tone through peeling layers and layers of skin along with lightening agents. Michael, I was told, spotted the white skin beneath, which excited him. It prompted him to progress on to bleaching, acid facial peeling and then on to laser treatments."

Source: ANI

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