by Kathy Jones on  May 3, 2014 at 11:51 PM News on IT in Healthcare
 Kids can Learn About How Much 'Screen Time' is too Much Via New App
Media reports shed light on a new app aims to teach kids about how much "screen time" is just too much.

The two-part app is an interactive e-book and game offering parents an educational tool and a game to teach their children about learning to step back from the screen, the Washington times reported.

The app tells the story of two young brothers - Ash and Ollie - who talk about their experiences balancing digital and real-world play, as well as frustrations with their parents over their screen limits. (The app advises half-hour stints, at max.)

Throughout the e-book, kids tap and collect hidden objects, which help them in the app's game, Rocket Racer, which is an easy tap-to-navigate game asking kids to collect stars and avoid clouds on the way.

Source: ANI

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