Japanese Man Invented Caffeine-Free Coffee Made from Garlic

by Bidita Debnath on Oct 17 2017 10:43 PM

Japanese Man Invented Caffeine-Free Coffee Made from Garlic
Coffee has become a part of our everyday life, from cappuccinos to espressos. We start our day by sipping a strong cup of coffee and it has become our favourite beverage when we meet our friends or go on a date.
However, the caffeine present in our favourite morning drink has its own disadvantages. It can be really harmful to our health. A 74-year-old Japanese man, Yokitomo Shimotai, has created a drink that tastes like coffee, but is caffeine-free and made entirely of garlic.

The invention was, however, by accident. It happened after a cooking blunder that happened 30 years ago. A man named Yokitomo Shimotai burned a steak and garlic while waiting tables at his coffee house in Aomori Prefecture.

After Shimotai retired, he began researching more on the drink. After trying a number of times, he finally found a recipe that he was satisfied with.

To make the unusual drink, he used an electric furnace to roast the garlic, after cooling it, he mashed up the garlic for dripping.

The beverage was discovered 30 years ago, but it took the man over two decades to develop the recipe he would eventually be satisfied with. Nowadays, the coffee shop owner is using his own patented technology to produce the coffee-like drink.

Shimotai believes that the beverage can be a good alternative to coffee for pregnant women and elderly people as it contains no caffeine and thus doesn't cause insomnia or high-blood pressure.