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Itís Back-To-Basics For Gitanjali Nagpal
A New Delhi court this Monday permitted former model Gitanjali Nagpal to spend three months at a Haryana school. This was after she sought discharge from VIMHANS Hospital.

On September 3, the former model who was found begging on the streets of Hauz Khas was admitted and given psychiatric help for nearly two months, in accordance with a magistrate's order under the Mental Health Act.

Now, Metropolitan Magistrate Ravinder Bedi has allowed Gitanjali's plea for admission in Vidya Devi Jindal Girls School at Hisar. Here the ex-model is expected to pursue an array of vocational courses, while accompanied by her mother.

The court has also directed the school authorities to give fortnightly reports on Gitanjali's health and rehabilitation. A photojournalist is credited for the discovery of Gitanjali Nagpal, who had become mentally unstable and in rags, in Hauz Khas area of South Delhi.

Gitanjali Nagpal once walked the ramp for top designers as a promising model along with the likes of Bollywood star , Sushmita Sen.

After this incident hogged national headlines , shocked fashion designers like Aparna Chandra were quoted: "There is a struggle in every profession but generally ones in the limelight like films and fashion are worse. " The quality of stress in the glamour world is different especially for models. They are constantly under pressure to look good and maintain themselves and sometimes it gets too much."

According to Gitanjali's family, her ambition took flight when she left home, entering then into bad company and drugs, which soon consumed her career and life.

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