Indeed Obesity is a Costly Affair, We Often Pay With Our Health.

by Savitha C Muppala on Aug 27 2008 12:44 PM

Indeed obesity is a costly affair, we often pay with our health.

Alabama, which carries the ignominy of the second most obese state, has decided to levy a ‘fat tax’ on state employees who do not watch their weight. The state employs more than 37,000 people, who will now fall under the fat tax purview.

Health officials in Alabama have issued a warning to employees in the state to get into shape lest they cough up more on health insurance.

The State Employees' Insurance Board has dished out a plan entailing health screenings for all state employees. The BMI will also be recorded during the health check ups.

Those whose reports portray high blood pressure, high glucose, or high cholesterol will need to pay an additional $25 a month for health insurance from January 2011, if they are found to be neglecting their health.

Alabama is the first state to impose a penalty on health neglect issues. Alabama state officials have confirmed assistance to overweight employees with programs such as Weight Watchers and YMCA discounts so that all steps are taken to avoid the penalty.