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 Hot Peppers-the Secret Behind Hillary Clinton's Stamina
Former US secretary Hillary Clinton reveals the secret of her stamina during hectic travel schedules- Hot peppers.

BBC journalist and author Kim Ghattas, who has compiled the book 'The Secretary: A Journey with Hillary Clinton from Beirut to the Heart of American Power', had followed Clinton for 300,000 of the reported million miles that Clinton had logged while traveling round the world, Politico reports.

Admitting her difficulty in keeping up with Clinton, Ghattas said that Clinton used to eat hot chillis making her sweat, which apparently, flushed out her system and added a good dose of adrenaline that kept her active constantly.

According to Ghattas, the former Secretary of State had an exhausting daily regime, adding that sometimes, Clinton's team would be traveling four countries, in six different time zones and having only taco salads as sustenance.

Praising Clinton for her drive, Ghattas said that the real secret behind her strength was the desire to do her job well, adding that it is no secret that Clinton herself is responsible for the labour and hard work during her stint as the Secretary of State.

Stating that Clinton's travel regime will come to represent a major part of her diplomatic legacy, Ghattas said that the impact of her travel was meant to reassert American leadership and to improve the perception of America around the world.

'The Secretary' is the first major book on Clinton to emerge following her departure from the United States Department of State, the report added.

Source: ANI

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