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Women's Healthy Weight Day 2015
The Women's Healthy Weight Day 2015 on January 22nd is a reminder to women to maintain their weight in a healthy way.

The topic of weight is an invariable topic in most meetings. If you meet a friend after a long time, the initial greetings are often followed by: "You've lost weight" or "You've put on weight". It's no wonder then that some women are obsessed with their weight.

An ideal weight is every woman's dream. It is also extremely desirable from the health point of view. But even more important is to achieve a healthy weight. Some suffer from eating disorders like anorexia nervosa, where they starve themselves to lose weight and bulimia, where they throw up excess food. On the other hand, we have women who are not at all concerned about their weight or their fitness levels. Their excessive weight puts them at a risk of several diseases like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and so on.

The Healthy Weight Day on January 22nd and The Healthy Weight Week held between January 19 and 25 are primarily held in the United States to discourage the obsession with severe weight loss in an unhealthy manner. Women are encouraged to live healthy and accept their natural weight and at the same time, avoid unhealthy diet practices using weight-loss plans that could do more harm than good.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Women

Most people are aware of the best methods to lose or maintain weight. But sometimes, they are either too lazy to follow them or they want quick and visible results. Here are some healthy weight loss tips that are often advised:
  • Be physically active throughout the day. Make time for a regular fitness regimen, even if it means a brief, quick walk every day
  • Eat adequate food to satisfy your requirement of calories per day, but don't overeat even if the food is tempting. Don't starve yourself either as there is a chance that you may overeat later
  • Make sure that the calories come from healthy foods; avoid junk whenever possible. Include salads in your meals
  • Reduce intake of saturated fats, simple sugars and alcohol
  • If you wish to diet and lose excess weight, take the professional help of a dietitian. But first confirm that the weight is excess for your height
  • Make sure that any weight-loss regimen that you follow is aimed at bringing a gradual rather than a sudden reduction in weight
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid medications for losing weight. These are associated with several side effects

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