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Eat Small Breakfast and Lose Weight Quickly!
Recently the scientists have contested the famous adage, "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper."

The scientists are of the opinion that an easy way to lose weight is to have a light breakfast with small portions. Latest findings highlight the fact that instead of lunch or dinner it is the light breakfast with small portions that actually matters as far as weight loss is concerned. According to the experts those who consume small portions of breakfast do not generally take too many calories throughout the day.

UK Researchers from the Medical Research Council (MRC), Human Nutrition Research Unit enrolled about 33 obese people. Scrambled eggs, ham, milk, cereal, brown toast with butter and orange juice was given to them for breakfast. Some of the volunteers were served small portions in order to assess the repercussions of reducing the meal size.

The participants were segregated in three groups. The first group received normal serving of breakfast with the calorie content being 700. The second group was given a smaller portion of breakfast. The meal size was reduced by almost 20 percent whereas the meal size was reduced by 40 percent for the third group of volunteers.

The experts calculated the calories consumed throughout the day and the eating habits of the volunteers were also taken into account. The researchers discovered that reduction in the size of breakfast did not alter the total amount of food consumed by the volunteers during the day.

By reducing the size of the food at the breakfast, around 269 calories were decreased from their total calorie intake as compared to those participants who took 40 percent more portions in their regular breakfast.

Dr. Jebb, the study supervisor and the Head of Diet & Population Health at the MRC Human Nutrition Research Unit said, "the study is not applicable in everyday life where the number of instances to snack in between breakfast, lunch and dinner is much more."

Jebb further mentioned, "This research was done with people in a controlled laboratory environment and more work is required to determine if the effect remains in real life where there are more opportunities to eat."

The scientists said that further research is required in real environment where the possibility of consuming snacks and fast food are more.

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