Flat Belly Foods


"Inside some of us is a thin person struggling to get out, but they can usually be sedated with a few pieces of chocolate cake." - Author Unknown

Stuck with trying different diet plans? Ditch the old ones and grab these flat belly foods to trim your waistline and get back in shape.

Nuts: Nuts, including pistachios, walnuts, pecans, cashew nuts and their butters are an excellent source of monounsaturated fats. Studies show that people consuming these nuts on a regular basis were more likely to lose weight easily than those who didn’t. So the next time you feel a hunger pang, grab a handful of nuts.

Flat Belly Foods

Raspberries: Raspberries, and also strawberries and blueberries are packed with vitamin C, which is essential for proper immune function of the body. Furthermore, they are loaded with fiber, which keeps the digestive system healthy, aids bowel function, and keeps you satiated for long.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal, a favorite among diet-conscious people, can also help you reduce excess belly fat. How? Well, for once, it helps maintain your blood sugar levels and prevents it from going down suddenly, which may cause you to get a sudden hunger pang, tempting you to eat more.

Furthermore, oatmeal has a good fiber content which helps you feel contented and full for long.

Garlic: Best known for its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, garlic is a wonderful fat melting food too. It helps reduce fat in the liver, aids detoxification of the body, and reducing bloating and other digestive ailments.


Add a little more garlic to your everyday dishes and if you can, eat raw garlic. That way you’ll obtain maximum benefits. Just make sure you use the mouthwash afterwards!

Almonds: Almonds have been used to aid memory and concentration, but the benefits aren’t just limited to that. Eating almonds daily has been linked to a significant reduction in food cravings. They are the ultimate power snack, a good replacement for your burger from the nearby food joint.

Salmon: Of all the fishes, salmon is probably the healthiest choice. Why? Firstly because it has a good amount of omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for proper heart, eye and brain function. And secondly, substances in the salmon help speed up your body’s metabolism, causing it to burn body fat faster and more efficiently.

Watermelon: As juicy as it may seem, watermelon actually helps the body get rid of the excess puffiness by aiding detoxification and flushing out excess water from your system.

Yogurt: Yogurt is well-known for its target action on the digestive system. Low fat yogurt can actually help you look slimmer by reducing bloating that may be caused due to digestive ailments. Yogurt has a good content of lactobacilli-the bacteria that help digestion and stimulate proper bowel movement.

Mushrooms: Mushrooms are an ideal food for diabetic patients. Their low fat content makes them one of the best foods to cut off that extra fat on your belly.


Beans: Bean-eaters have been known to be slimmer and have a trim waistline than those who don’t. Also, they are loaded with fiber which keeps your digestive system healthy, thereby preventing bloating and other issues.

Avocado: Avocadoes are a rich source of MUFA (mono unsaturated fatty acids), the heart healthy fats. They are also packed with cholesterol melting beta sterols, which make it one of the best foods to choose to cut off that extra fat from your belly.

Whip up a quick avocado dip and serve with raw veggies or chips (baked ones!)

Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate and cocoa made from de-fatted and ground cocoa beans have an amazing ability to protect the body from many effects of weight gain including heart disease and stroke. Moderate consumption may also help you control binge eating more efficiently.

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