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 Effect of Positive Parenting on Teenagers
The University of Queensland's Parenting and Family Support Centre says the image of a rebellious teen might be more myth than reality.

Professor Matt Sanders, director of the Parenting and Family Support Centre and founder of the Triple P - Positive Parenting Program said "most Australian families had around two minor disagreements a week with their adolescent children".

Disagreements were over the issues such as chores, homework and screen time. The arguments lasted for around 15 minutes. The disagreements are usually at peak when a child is around 12 to 13 years of age. These clashes over chores can pave a way for parents to help their teenager teach them how to deal with conflict in a safe environment, says researcher.

Two Triple P programs namely Positive Parenting Program seminars, Reducing Family Conflict and Coping with Teenagers' Emotions were evaluated by researchers from the Parenting and Family Support Centre.

Positive Parenting

Positive parenting also known as positive discipline, gentle guidance, or loving guidance is a way to guide children in a positive way that resists any temptation to be punitive and keep them on the right path. Strict Parenting raises angry and unhappy kids whereas positive discipline raises a child who want to behave. Studies show positive parenting helps stop behavior problems in children.

The seminar was organized for parents of children aged 11 to 16 who are concerned about family conflict. Dr Kylie Burke psychologist and researcher stated that 25% of Australian families with teenagers experienced some level of conflict that could damage the family relationship. The end result of conflict can lead to problems for the teen at school or with friends and could also increase the likelihood of participating in risk-taking behavior.

"The relationship with parents is an incredibly important protective factor for teens", Dr Burke said.

Teenage Depression

Teenage depression is not only associated with bad mood but has an impact on every aspect of a teen's life. Talking about the problem with the teens can get your teenager back on track.

Effects of Teenage Depression

Teen depression can lead to the following: drug and alcohol abuse, self-mutilation, teen pregnancy, violence or aggressive behavior, suicide.

Signs and Symptoms of Teenage Depression

a) Sadness
b) Hopelessness
c) Anger
d) Lack of energy
e) Difficulty concentrating
f) Changes in eating and sleeping habits
g) Withdrawal from family and friends

Top Tips to Fight Teenage Depression

Depression is more common during teenage years. Healthy choices and proper treatment can help one overcome depression sooner. Here are few tips to cope with depression during teenage years

1. Don't try to isolate during depression. Isolation can make your condition worse. Try to stay social spend time with your family and friends.

2. Healthy lifestyle can ensure a positive mood. Go for a walk, engage in some physical activity to keep your mind awake and healthy. Improper diet can make you tired. Your body needs iron and B vitamins increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables to sharpen your mind.

3. Stay away from alcohol and drugs.

Choosing healthy lifestyle choices, staying connected with family and friends, keeping stress under control can elevate your mood. The seminar guided parents on how to deal with these points of conflict and make sure they keep a strong relationship with their teen and stay relevant in their kids' lives.


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