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Coffee 'Bulletproof' Diet - Is This Just Another Fad?
Drinking a special coffee as part of the bulletproof diet plan might just be what you need to lose weight, according to David Asprey, who created this wonder diet. Asprey struggled with excess weight for more than a couple of decades and was inspired by the Tibetan coffee he drank while he was trekking up the Tibetan mountains. Struggling for strength as he made his way up the Himalayas, Asprey drank the Tibetan coffee made from yak milk that he felt filled him with energy.

The most important element of the bulletproof diet is the 'special' coffee that has been conceived by Asprey. It consists of:
  • Coffee beans with mycotoxins removed (mold formed during fermentation)
  • Butter from cows that are fed on grass -
    • This butter is high in anti-oxidants, omega 3 and vitamins
  • Medium chain triglycerides oil
This diet has become extremely popular along with the book published by David Asprey titled "The bulletproof diet".

Food to avoid in this plan:
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Fructose
  • GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • Processed food
  • This coffee tastes more like a milkshake but does not contain sugar.
  • Makes you stronger and slimmer
  • Claims to make people better
  • Refrains alcohol use which is good for health
  • Scientists claim that the studies on which this diet is based are poor
  • Nutritive value of the diet is poor
  • Termed a 'fad' diet by some, the weight loss is considered temporary
The bulletproof diet gets its name from the belief that this is a sure shot way to weight loss, with nothing affecting the goal.

David Asprey is said to have spent long hours and research through many published research articles to design this diet. Asprey, an ex-software engineer from the Silicon Valley now coaches numerous people on living healthy and following this wonder diet.

Asprey has been receiving a lot of funds from investors to start a store, which he has in San Francisco. His website offers some pointers about the diet and the options for buying his book, the special coffee as well as the coconut oil that ought to be mixed in it.

The American Heart Association has warned that the diet offers high saturated fats, which are not very good for the heart. However, Asprey said "shame on them!", a retort that sums up his belief.

The essence of the diet is that the coffee drink staves off hunger for a long period of time and it keeps the brain active. The coffee keeps people active and helps them exercise longer when compared with other drinks, claim dieters.

Coffee has always been a popular drink with plenty of enthusiasts, encouraged further by research that highlight its benefits in weight loss. Green coffee has been found to have health benefits like controlling sugar metabolism and blood pressure. While blood circulation has been found to improve with lowering of prostate cancer risk on drinking coffee. Studies also claim that drinking beer and coffee may aid in weight loss.

The bulletproof diet has become popular and with celebrities like Harry Styles and Shailene Woodley taking up this diet, there is increased following and faith in the diet.




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