Coffee may be Good for Blood Circulation

Coffee may be Good for Blood Circulation
Love your cup of coffee? Here is one more reason to love it even more - a recent research reveals coffee may have beneficial effects on circulation.

The Japanese study, presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2013 in Dallas, found that caffeinated coffee improves circulation in small blood vessels of healthy individuals, as compared to decaffeinated coffee.

The researchers studied the blood circulation in a finger following drinking coffee. The subjects were given a cup of either caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee. After two days, they received a second cup of coffee, which was different from the first one. Neither the subjects nor the researchers examining the patients were aware of which coffee was being consumed.

The researchers found that blood flow increased by 30% in the fingers of 27 individuals after consuming caffeinated coffee as compared to after drinking decaffeinated coffee.

The results of the study imply that by improving circulation in small blood vessels, small amounts of caffeinated coffee can improve cardiac and circulatory health.

However, the researchers also found that blood pressure increased slightly after consuming caffeinated coffee as compared to decaffeinated coffee. There was no change in heart rate. This suggests that though coffee may improve circulation in smaller blood vessels, at the same time, too much coffee may not be good.

Since the study was small and the results were based on intake of a small amount of coffee, further studies will be necessary to validate these results.

Health Benefits of Caffeine

Caffeine, like most other substances, has several benefits when used in small amounts, but may have some adverse effects when used in large amounts. Some of the health benefits of caffeine are:

• Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and increases alertness and mental performance.

• Caffeine could also possibly protect against Parkinson's disease.

• The milk in coffee may help to improve bone health.

Harmful Effects of Coffee

Excessive coffee intake has been associated with harmful effects like:

• Gastritis and insomnia.

• Caffeine withdrawal has been associated with symptoms of anxiety and irritability.

• It could have a possible association with abortion and stillbirth.

Read more about the health benefits and harms of caffeine at the link below:


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