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Cancer Prevention: Expert Tips to Reduce Your Risk
Expert oncologists say that nearly half of cancers diagnosed worldwide each year are caused by avoidable lifestyle choices. Still, most people do not realize that some things they do in their life can increase their risk of developing cancer.

The experts say that there are some simple things which you can do to prevent cancer and stay away from the diseases.

According to experts, one must maintain a healthy weight to reduce the risk of cancer. Being overweight can increase your risk of developing cancer. If you are concerned about your weight, take the help of an expert doctor to find your healthy weight. You can also use Medindia weight calculators for men, women and children.

Experts note that a balanced diet is really important to stay away from cancer. One should eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables each day and try to consume fresh produce rather than processed food.

Studies indicate that too much alcohol increases your risk of several cancers. Also, researches prove that drinking two or more sodas a week almost doubles your risk for pancreatic cancer. So, reduce the intake of alcoholic beverages and sodas and find some healthy drinking alternatives.

For a healthy drink, you can blend 1/4 cup apple juice with 1 cup each raspberries and peaches, plus 6 oz nonfat vanilla yogurt. Drinks like this will help prevent the disease by increasing your fruit intake.

Smoking is an important risk factor for a wide range of cancers as well as being a direct cause of nine out of ten cases of lung cancer. So quit smoking.

Experts warn people to stay safe in the sun. Most cases of skin cancer are caused by damage from UV (ultraviolet) rays in sunlight. Taking care to cover up in the sun and not using sun beds can help you to cut your risk of developing skin cancer. Wear your sunscreen every day to help prevent skin cancer, even if you are working inside. Keep your sunscreen where you can see it and make wearing sunscreen a part of your daily routine.

Exercise decreases the risk for several types of cancer, including breast and colon. So, sweat at least twice a week and try to run 3 to 4 miles twice a week.

A recent research has shown that sitting for a long time increases the risk of cancer. "Your risk of dying prematurely from certain types of cancer and other diseases is 34 percent higher if you sit more than six hours a day," the recent study states.

Some studies suggest a link between stress and tumor progression. So tackle your stress well. Healthy habits like gardening can give you chance to think, connect with nature and reduce stress.

Also, some solvents used in dry cleaning contain chemicals that have been associated with breast cancer. So, avoid dry cleaning, and choose "wet cleaning," which is safer and involves a gentle machine washing, pressing and reshaping.

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