Health Care Disaster Has Ruined Obama's Integrity as America's CEO

by Vanessa Jones on Dec 16 2013 1:34 PM

 Health Care Disaster Has Ruined Obama
The Affordable Care Act has caused President Obama to lose his integrity as an effective leader with most American citizens. As a good CEO he had to work within the organization and see to it that he made good on all his promises.
He had promised the people that with Obamacare, people who had difficulty in getting covers for health insurance would find it easy, those who were insured and happy with their plan could keep the same. There would be no need to change doctors they were comfortable with. To start with the ACA website is not simple to use and by end of November 365,000 citizens signed up for insurance on the website. The expected number was 7 million.

Significant information about the insured, their dependents and their income details have not reached the insurers. The program meant to pay insurance companies federal subsidies is still not in place. The companies will not be equipped to pay out claims. Doctors will be unable to collect money from patients who cannot afford to pay them. Many earlier group and independent policies were declared non-compliant by the ACA. After a public hue and cry the president re-instated these policies for a year.

ACA has eliminated doctors and Hospitals from the network to meet some arbitrary Obamacare mandates, the Americans are now struggling to find physicians who are able to provide essential care that some patients need. The cancelled policies had paid millions for critical care like cancer treatment in specialized clinics.

Now the people have unnecessary benefits instead of life-saving treatments. Premium costs are rising and many insurance companies decline participation. The president has lost the trust of American citizens.


Hannah Punitha (IRDA Licence Number: 2710062)

Peter Morici, December 2013