by Sheela Philomena on  December 16, 2013 at 2:15 PM Lifestyle News
 Jesus Christ Tops List of 2,000 Most Influential People
Jesus Christ has topped the list of most influential people followed by French leader Napoleon.

The ranking which is based on the people's significance on the internet, places the Islamic prophet Mohammed on third position, followed by William Shakespeare and Abraham Lincoln, the Daily Express reported.

The researchers from New York's Stony Brook University came up with the extensive list by using mathematical formulae to measure millions of opinions expressed online.

David Cameron has secured the 1,483rd position, while pop star Britney Spears came at 689th.

Margaret Thatcher has secured the 271st position to become the most important modern British political leader, while Tony Blair took the 548th position, Gordon Brown is at 1,398th and Nelson Mandela at 365th position.

The top 10 list of most influential people:

1. Jesus

2. Napoleon

3. Mohammed

4. William Shakespeare

5. Abraham Lincoln

6. George Washington

7. Adolf Hitler

8. Aristotle

9. Alexander the Great

10. Thomas Jefferson

Source: ANI

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