Government Hospitals in Rajasthan may Use Cow Urine-based Liquid as Disinfectant

by Julia Samuel on May 6 2015 7:06 PM

Government Hospitals in Rajasthan may Use Cow Urine-based Liquid as Disinfectant
Rajasthan government has plans to use Gaunyle, a compound derived from cow’s urine as a disinfectant in hospitals.
Recently, a refinery dedicated to collect cow urine was opened in Jalore district. Senior executive of the refinery and in-charge of the cow urine refinery Vaidya Shyam Singh Rajpurohit said that the refinery collects about 7,000 liters extract of cow urine, of which about 50% would be used for preparing the cleaner that would be marketed with trade name ’Gocleaner’.

Before the product is actually launched for use, a pilot study will be done in one ward at the Sawai Man Singh Hospital, one of Jaipur’s biggest hospital. A team of doctors will compare the result with that of another ward which used a regular disinfectant.

Rajendra Rathore, Health minister of Rajasthan said, "I will put a team of doctors there to study for a month and we will then be able to establish how effective is the cow urine and if it really works or not.”

For safety and scientific evidence, Jodhpur’s ayurvedic university and the veterinary and animal sciences university in Bikaner have been roped in to do some research on the matter.

"Cow urine has medicinal value. Here at the gaushala we make and sell medicines for kidneys and even eye drops," said Devi Singh, caretaker at the refinery in Jaipur.

Further, government offices in New Delhi have also planned to replace phenyl with ’Gaunyle’, derived from cow urine and carrying the fragrance of neem and pine.


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