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 Footie Hero Helps Boy Out of Coma
Egged on by the possibility of a kickabout with his Premiership hero, a Brit teen emerged from a coma all set for footie.

Sixteen-year-old Thomas Buckett had been in a coma for two weeks after he fell from a roof trying to fetch his football.

The boy suffered 10 skull fractures in the May 30 incident.

Since then he had been in a coma at an intensive care unit, where players of his beloved Stoke City team visited him.

Defender Andy Wilkinson, Thomas's favourite player, was among those who came to see him, promising the teen a game of football once he came round.

Incredibly, Thomas made a recovery - and soon enjoyed a kickabout in the corridors of Haywood Hospital in Stoke, Staffs.

Doctors had previously believed the boy would never play football again.

"He's doing a lot more than the doctors ever thought he would," The Sun quoted Tom's mum Mandy, as saying.

She added: "We can't thank Stoke City, and Andy in particular, enough for their support - I'm convinced their visits have boosted his recovery."

Andy said: "It is remarkable to see how well Tom has recovered in such a short space of time.

"When I challenged him to that game of footie, I thought it would be a long, long time before we would be able to have a kick around.

"It is fantastic to see him doing so well. We want him to continue his recovery so we can see him at the Britannia Stadium early in the new season."

Source: ANI

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