by Kathy Jones on  July 5, 2010 at 6:22 PM General Health News
 Dad Wakes Up from Coma After Daughter Plays Flute
In some stunning news, a father who was badly injured after he was thrown off his motorbike came out of a coma, thanks to his daughter's flute playing.

Mark Bell failed to recover after suffering a broken back, bleeding in the brain, punctured lung and 12 broken ribs.

Doctors insisted his wife Fleur to talk to him in a hope that he would wake up.

But five days later with no sign of recovery, Fleur taped daughter Rebecca playing the flute.

Rebecca earlier used to drive her father mad with off-key notes as she practised Greensleeves for a flute exam.

Mark finally gained consciousness after Fleur played the recording again and again.

"I'd moan about Rebecca playing it over and over," the Sun quoted Mark, a resident of Corby, Northants, as saying.

"She had just started out so it wasn't the greatest - though she's a lot better now. But I'm just grateful to still be here. I'll certainly never complain about Rebecca's flute playing again," added Mark.

"We thought we'd lost him but thanks to Rebecca's flute he was back with us," said wife Fleur.

"When he opened his eyes it was a miracle. It was very, very emotional," she added.

"I'm glad I was able to help my dad because I love him and hated him being so ill," daughter Rebecca said.

Source: ANI

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