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 First Ever Plant-based Egg Created
An egg substitute made entirely from plants has been developed by scientists.

The company has successfully created faux mayonnaise and a variety of baked goods using the egg substitute.

CEO Josh Tetrick said that the egg products are made from simple but varied species of peas, sorghum and 11 plants in total, that are particularly amazing.

According to Fox News, Tetrick came with the idea of 'Just Mayo' and 'Beyong Egg' after spending 7 years living in Sub-Saharan Africa working with impoverished communities and wanted to bring a change using his food business.

Tetrick said that 99 percent of the eggs come from dimly-lit, feces- and urine-smelling industrial warehouses, which is gross and also a food safety issue.

He enlisted the help of a contestant on the TV show 'Top Chef', Chris Jones and biochemist Joshua Klein to help him create what they call the most realistic egg-free egg product yet.

Tetrick said that investor Bill Gates and former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair couldn't tell the difference between the artificial egg product and a real one.

However, experts believe that the egg and poultry industry is going to survive despite substitutes and US Department of Agriculture research physiologist Raymond Glahn said that such products come along all the time and they will never replace significant amount of the poultry industry.

Hampton Creek Foods' website claims that its product is healthier and cost 19 percent less than eggs which July cost an average of 1.833 dollars per dozen, the report added.

Source: ANI

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