Experts Caution People About Sugar Free Potatoes in Lucknow

by VR Sreeraman on Jul 14 2010 5:34 PM

 Experts Caution People About Sugar Free Potatoes in Lucknow
Doctors and scientists have warned diabetic patients not to consume sugar free potatoes available in markets in Lucknow, since these are just normal potatoes and can alter a patient's sugar levels.
According to agricultural scientists, these potatoes have been stored in calibrated conditions. It is not true that these potatoes do not contain starch as the difference is not in the process of growing them but in their storage. So it is very clear that the starch level in these potatoes are similar as the regular potatoes," said Dr. Sanjeev, Agriculture Scientist.

During storage, potatoes are kept in a high temperature and are sprayed with a chemical called ICPC (Isopropyl Chlorophyll Carbonate) to protect them from germination.

The chemical ICPC is the main reason due to which the starch in potatoes does not convert into sugar, owing to which the potatoes do no taste sweet. Theses potatoes have the same amount of carbohydrate as the regular potatoes. It is seen that all diabetic patients who are consuming these sugar free potatoes are having high sugar level," said Dr. Madhu Gupta.

These sugar-free potatoes cost between Rs 20 per kilogram to Rs 30 per kilogram, which is quite high, than the price of the regular potatoes being sold in the market.