Don't Skip Meals, Eat Healthy to Stay Fit, Says Expert

by Sheela Philomena on Jun 3 2013 10:41 AM

Skipping meals never helps an individual to lose weight, says expert. Healthy meal prepared with ingredients like ginger, salmon and olive oil helps dieters.
One must note, ginger helps in digestion, salmon is high in proteins, and olive oil help reduces appetite. has listed down ingredients that help reduce weight and boost metabolism:

Chillies: Experts say eating chillies can help burn energy, hours after a meal. It's also been suggested eating spicy food may temporarily suppress the appetite. Add jalapenos or red and green chilli to the dishes to give them a fat burning boost.

Almonds: Dry fruits contain proteins, fats and fibre - a combination which helps reduce hunger. Nuts make a great alternative to fried snacks. One can add it in the salad also to improve taste.

Olive oil: Olive oil contains a compound called oleic acid that is used by the body to create oleoylethanolamide, which helps in weight loss and reduces appetite. It's always recommended to prepare delicacies using olive oil. One can use it to dress salads also.

Salmon (fish): It is high in protein and packed with Omega 3 that controls the production of the hormone, leptin, which regulates appetite. High leptin levels are linked to insulin resistance and obesity, so aim for at least two servings of oily fish a week to keep levels low.

Ginger: It helps in digestion, but it also has a thermic effect by raising the body's internal temperature, meaning it expends more energy. Ginger also has cholesterol lowering properties, so can help to improve cardiovascular health, as well as speeding up the metabolism.