Clothes can Monitor Blood Pressure and Vital Signs

by Karishma Abhishek on Dec 2 2020 12:14 AM

Clothes can Monitor Blood Pressure and Vital Signs
Wearable technology (a shirt or socks), that can monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, sleep quality, cholesterol levels, oxygen levels, and other vital signs, is soon to become a reality, as an article published in Applied Physics Reviews.
The research utilized microfiber - and nanofiber-based technology to design highly sensitive and flexible wearable fibers that can be applied directly to the skin or woven into garments like shirts, socks, neckwear, or wristbands to monitor the vital signs and produce validated data.

Wearables - the new future of health monitoring:

Author Seeram Ramakrishna, from the National University of Singapore, said one of the most promising nanofiber technologies -- piezoelectric sensors, which are powered by mechanical energy -- could be ready to go to market in less than three years. "The medical community is always skeptical, while the wellness industry already is using these concepts. We need a lot more cause-and-effect studies. We need to amass information so doctors will really accept that this is information they can rely on", he said.

The duration of the technology for re-use and providing it with a power source for portability is still being investigated. Emerging needs for nanomaterials and individual-based treatment approach in the medical field have gained demand tremendously. The wearable technology promises better monitoring of patient’s health and the development of a personalized health care system.


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