by Kathy Jones on  May 5, 2011 at 7:52 PM Alternative Medicine News
 Cannabis Oil Cures Brain Tumor in Toddler
A toddler in the United States is reported to have been cured of a brain tumor after his desperate father secretly fed him with cannabis oil even though the doctors refused to discuss the option of medical marijuana.

Cash Hyde, 2, fell ill shortly after his second birthday and while initially he was misdiagnosed as suffering from glandular fever, it was later found that he had a tumor on his optic nerve. The doctors could only manage to remove just 10 percent of the tumor through surgery and recommended that he undergo a stringent chemotherapy treatment.

As his condition continued to deteriorate, the doctors repeatedly told the parents, Mike and Kalli, that their child would probably not survive the treatment. As his condition deteriorated further as he became so weak that he was unable to eat solid food for over 40 days, Mike decided to take the matter in his own hand and suggested medical marijuana.

When the doctors refused to discuss the possibility, he got permission from elsewhere and started to secretly feed his son cannabis oil through the feeding tube and asked the doctors to stop the anti-nauseating medicines.

Mike said that the results were almost instant as his son took a piece of cheese. Cash underwent the last bout of the treatment without any anti-nauseating medicines and is now reported to be free from cancer.

The US federal government is against any form of medical marijuana though the practice is legal in some states. Commenting on the controversial mode taken by him for his son, Mike told KXLY, "It's very controversial, it's very scary. But, there's nothing more scary than losing your child."

Source: Medindia

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