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Bush Underwent Treatment for Lyme Disease Last Year
US President George W. Bush was treated for a tick-borne disease in 2006 but he remains in excellent health and "fit for duty," the White House has said.

Bush, 61, exercises six times a week and has "superior" fitness for a man of his age and a low risk of heart disease, the official report on his latest physical check up said Wednesday.

The report revealed that Bush was treated in Aug 2006 for early symptoms of Lyme disease, also known as borreliosis. Treatment was successful and symptoms did not recur, the White House said.

Lyme disease, named after a town in the northeastern state of Connecticut where it was recognised in 1977, is caused by bacteria spread by ticks and can cause joint pains or nervous-system damage in severe cases. Detected early, it is easily treated with antibiotics.

The health report said that Bush has a "vigorous aerobic, weight-training and flexibility programme" and has suffered several exercise-related injuries that "do not impact his current duties". He takes a daily multivitamin and smokes the occasional cigar.

"The president remains in excellent health and is fit for duty," the White House statement said.

Source: IANS

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