by Kathy Jones on  October 27, 2013 at 11:01 PM News on IT in Healthcare
 Boozers can Order Drinks from Bar Tables Using New App
People can now order their drinks to their table without even going to the bar thanks to a new app.

The new app 'Orderella', which is being used for the first time by 'The Keyworth Tavern', Keyworth, Nottingham, will put an end to the elbow jostling people go through while placing their order, the Daily Express reported.

When a customer makes an order using the app, it will pop up on an iPad behind the bar, and the barman will hit a button on the iPad to let the customer know the order is being worked on.

The app also allows the customer to know that their round is on its way.

Adrian Clarke, manager of The Keyworth Tavern, admitted that his staff were dubious at the concept at first but were quickly won over by the clever features.

Clarke added that they pulled the app apart and couldn't find a fault with it and every time they came up with a problem, it was already fixed.

Source: ANI

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