Bon Jovi Admits to Doing Drugs When He was Young

by Medindia Content Team on Nov 1 2007 7:40 PM

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi confessed that he used to deal with drugs even before he became a rock star.

He confessed to a drugs problem when he was a struggling teenager on the streets of New Jersey, reports.

He said: "I did the drug thing very young and wised up very young too, because I was into drugs a little too much. I was entrepreneurial even then, buying quarter pounds of dope and trying to make a couple (of) bucks."

Jovi says he was smart enough to not try his own merchandise when he once suffered a whole summer.

He adds: "Did you ever smoke dope that was laced with PCP and then have that whole summer of hallucinations? It was f****** awful. That's why I've never been a drug guy. I've always felt I didn't have the mental stability to handle drugs."