Ban Called on Adverts That Show Enhanced Breasts to Lure Women

by Hannah Punitha on Sep 20 2008 5:50 PM

 Ban Called on Adverts That Show Enhanced Breasts to Lure Women
A British group of cosmetic surgeons has launched a campaign against advertisements that show models with digitally enhanced breasts to encourage young women to take up breast augmentation surgeries.
The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons said such advertisements create 'unrealistic expectations' among clients, which cannot be clinically met.

Promoting "lunch-time face-lifts," which could not be carried out in the time, and financial discounts worth up to 250 pounds to reward clients who sign up quickly should also be outlawed, the association said.

The association has scrutinised advertisements appearing in the media and is launching a counter campaign to show how false representations are being made to lure young women.

"BAAPS has been increasingly concerned about the standard and style of today's cosmetic surgery advertising," the Independent quoted Douglas McGeorge, the president of the association and a consultant plastic surgeon, as saying.

"Surgery is a serious undertaking which requires realistic expectations and should only proceed after proper consultation with a properly qualified clinician in an appropriate clinical setting," McGeorge added.

A study of breast augmentation procedures carried out by BAAPS found they had risen almost four-fold in the past five years to more than 26,000 in 2007, but complications were lower than the European average.

The association also warned of the danger to patients who travel abroad for cheap treatment on package deals. (ANI)


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