Breast Augmentaion

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation involves the surgical placement of an implant to increase the size of the breasts and for enhancement and right shape. In this case small incisions are made around the breasts, in the arm pits and around the nipples. Increasing the size of the breasts leads to an increase of the self-confidence of women. The procedure gives you the larger and fuller breasts that you always wanted and can immensely increase self-esteem and confidence. The most commonly used breast implants that are approved by FDA are silicone and saline types. But since 1992 silicone gel implants have only been available to those who are undergoing reconstructive surgery or breast revision surgery as they are felt not to be safe. A new silicone implant maybe released soon that has better safety.

Generally, the silicone gel breast implants are more popular as they have better look and feel than saline implants. Round breast implants provide a more natural shape but if of saline type will shift down with gravity on standing and gives the breast a teardrop effect.

Risk Factor

Capsular contracture, calcium deposits, implant shifts, bleeding, scarring and even infection are some of the risk factors associated with breast augmentation. The detection of cancer is difficult because of the breast implant that makes taking a mammogram extremely difficult. Then the need may arise to remove the implant for which another surgery is required. Though there was a concern over breast augmentation leading to breast cancer, this link has not yet been proved.