Eat Your Way to Good Health with Quail Eggs


After years of research it is said that eggs should be categorized as a superfood because they are loaded with the essential vitamins and minerals required by the human body.

Quail eggs are superior to chicken eggs and have been used to treat several ailments by Chinese practitioners. They use a proven method in which a particular number of eggs are consumed for a fixed number of days.

Eat Your Way to Good Health with Quail Eggs

For instance, an adult seeking a cure for stress will need to eat quail eggs for a period of 25 days, beginning with 3 eggs a day for the first 3 days and progressing to 5 eggs a day. The number of days will vary according to age and the type of ailment.

When children are given one quail egg a day it greatly improves their physical and mental well-being. Metabolic rate is improved and the IQ of the child is enhanced. These eggs are also known to improve the volume and glossiness of the hair and bring a glow to the skin.

Child Eating Quail Egg

While the elderly are on a diet of one quail egg a day they can be cured of many age-related diseases as quail eggs have regenerative properties. These eggs also balance important nutrients, revive memory and protect nerve cells.

Quail eggs are recommended for pregnant women both during pregnancy and the postnatal period. These eggs are good for the mother and the baby and improve the quality of breast milk.


Quail eggs are a rich source of anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids.

These eggs are an alkaline forming product and are a natural remedy for stomach ulcers and gastritis. They are also a good source of many minerals such as potassium, magnesium and vitamin B6. Hence, they can even assist in removing stones from the kidney, liver and gallbladder.

These eggs are low in calories and also used to treat diabetes and heart ailments.


The naturally found iron, Vitamin A and B12 in these eggs are very good for recovery after a surgery as they help in the regeneration of cells. Further, consumption of these eggs can help cure anemia.

Bodybuilders understand the value of quail eggs because of the high protein content and low levels of cholesterol.

As quail eggs are rich in ovomucoid proteins and lysozyme, they can control infections and inflammations which lead to psoriasis, eczema, allergies and asthma.

Quail Eggs Can Prevent Infections & Inflammations

Quail eggs are beneficial in a beauty regime - as a face mask containing the yolk of a quail egg is seen to improve the complexion and also add a glow to the skin. A whipped egg applied to the hair, leaves it looking shiny, glossy and adds volume to the hair.

Quail eggs work best when eaten raw. But, many people are repulsed by the idea of consuming it raw and therefore, could be made palatable by mixing it with orange or pineapple juice.

The eggs can be stored safely in the refrigerator, but have delicate shells so extra care is needed. Quail eggs are easily available in most stores today, and are gaining popularity by the day.

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