Cannabis - Use and Preparation

Mode of Use & Preparation - Cannabis

Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in the world and is usually used in a cigarette commonly known as a ‘joint’. It is also widely used by mixing in foodstuffs, especially in tea.

There are many different ways that marihuana is used.

  • Certain users make it as tea or mix it with food.
  • Others smoke it using hollowed out (emptied of the tobacco) cigars, called blunts, filled with the drug.
  • The most common method of usage is smoking loose marijuana rolled into a cigarette called a Joint or Nail.
  • Sometimes marijuana is smoked through a water pipe called a bong, hookah, or submarine.

Some of the common preparations of Cannabis in India are:

  • Hashish/Charas: Prepared from the resinous exudates from the flowering tops of the cultivated plants
  • Ganja: Prepared from the small leaves and stems of the highly cultivated non-flowering plants
  • Bhang: Prepared from the dried leaves, flowering shoots, and tops of the uncultivated plants
  • Hash Oil: Prepared from the fat-soluble plant extract
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