Cannabis - Historical Facts

Historical Facts - Cannabis

  • Archeological findings show that Cannabis was one of the first crops to be cultivated by mankind.
  • History shows us that the use of Cannabis in society dates back to more than over 10, 000 years. The first written account of Cannabis use can be found in Chinese records dating from 2800 BC.
  • The average marihuana plant produces more than 400 identifiable chemicals, which when smoked produces even more of the harmful chemicals!
  • The plant is believed to have originated in the mountainous regions of India. Between 1763 - 67, you could be jailed in Virginia, United States, for not growing hemp.
  • The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp (marijuana) paper.
  • George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp in their farms. Washington, the first president of United States had declared, “Make the most of the hemp seed. Sow it everywhere.”
  • The oil from hemp seeds has the highest percentage of essential fatty acids and the lowest percentage of saturated fats.
  • During World War II, the U.S. Department of Agriculture had released a film, “Hemp for Victory,” which encouraged American farmers to grow hemp for the war effort.
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