Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation - Conclusion

Glossary – Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation

Bilirubin – A pigment present in the liver juice or bile

Contraindication - A condition in which a drug or a procedure should absolutely not be used as its beneficial effects are outweighed by its adverse or toxic actions

Ergotism – A condition caused by ergot alkaloids where the patient has reduced blood supply to the fingers and toes leading to gangrene

Fetus – The unborn child from the ninth week of conception till birth.

Gray Baby Syndrome – Condition caused by chloramphenicol wherein the baby vomits, has a distended abdomen, has difficulty in breathing, circulation stops and finally may result in death.

Kernicterus – Increased bilirubin levels in the blood affecting the brain

Neuropathy – Damage to nerves
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