Colic in Babies

Colic in Babies - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should I consult if my baby is crying continuously?

A: If conservative measures do not help and the baby continues to cry then you should consult your pediatrician or child specialist to rule out other underlying causes.


Q: How can you tell if your baby has colic?

A: The diagnosis of colic is made only after ensuring that the child is well nourished with a healthy weight gain and not suffering from any other acute or chronic disease conditions. All other possible causes of the baby’s discomfort and crying episodes have to be ruled out before confirming this diagnosis.

Q: Can breastfed babies have colic?

A: Colic is seen in healthy babies. A child who is breast fed adequately may also have colic. In some cases avoiding dairy products, nuts, wheat, eggs in breastfeeding mothers have found to reduce colic in child. But if the colic persists then the mother may revert to a normal diet.

Q: How do you stop a colicky baby from crying?

A: Soothing the baby, checking whether the child is cold, wet or hungry and providing comfort to the baby with additional support from family members will help in reducing crying episodes. At times, all these measures may be futile, the parents should understand that this is a temporary condition which will resolve.

Q: How long does colic last?

A: Colic in a healthy baby will improve on its own and often lasts for upto 3 to 6 months. This is one of the major challenges face in the early phase of parenthood.