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Diurem (5 mg) - Cipla Limited

Diurem (5 mg)  Tablet  

Generic : Metolazone
10 Tablets
Price Updated on August 8, 2019
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Substitute/Alternative Medication to Diurem (5 mg)
Metolaz , Metoral (10 mg) , Metoz , Metoz (2.5 mg) , Zytanix

When is Diurem (5 mg) prescribed?

It is prescribed for -

Diurem (5 mg)(Metolazone) : Frequently Asked Questions

1. What time of day is best to take Diurem (5 mg)?

Diurem (5 mg) is a thiazide diuretic, which causes frequent urination. It is usually taken once a day. If this medication is taken at night, it is better to take it at least 4 hours before bedtime to avoid waking up frequently at night to urinate (1 Trusted Source

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2. Can Diurem (5 mg) be taken long term?

Diurem (5 mg) can be taken as a short-term or long-term therapy. Diurem (5 mg) is used as a short-term medication for swelling and water retention in the arms and legs. It is used as a long-term therapy for high blood pressure (2 Trusted Source
Diuretics in long-term treatment of hypertension: a comparison to beta-blockers

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3. Can Diurem (5 mg) affect blood sugar levels?

Diurem (5 mg) may increase blood sugar levels, especially in prediabetic and diabetic patients. It is advised to monitor the blood sugar levels regularly while taking this medication (3 Trusted Source

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4. Is it safe to use Diurem (5 mg) in chronic kidney disease patients?

Diurem (5 mg) was approved by the FDA for use in combination with other medications in patients with chronic kidney disease and kidney failure. It is both safe and effective over long periods of time (4 Trusted Source
Long-term diuretic therapy with metolazone of renal failure and the nephrotic syndrome

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5. What happens when alcohol is taken with Diurem (5 mg)?

Avoid drinking alcohol while taking Diurem (5 mg), as it may lead to excessive lowering of blood pressure. As a result, it increases the side effects of the drug on the liver and causes severe liver problems (5 Trusted Source
Metolazone : Interaction with Alcohol

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