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  What is Diabetes?

  • Chronic health condition
  • Insufficient insulin produced /used
  • Affects sugar breakdown


  • Food eaten converted to glucose
  • Glucose produces energy
  • Insulin breaks down glucose 
  • Diabetics do not sufficiently produce or use insulin
  • Causes blood sugar build-up in blood 


 Type I diabetes
  • Mostly occurs in children/young adult 
  • Insulin production affected
 Type II diabetes
  • Mostly occur in adults
  • Body is partially/ fully insulin resistant
  • Blood sugar level increases
 Gestational diabetes 
  • Occurs in pregnant women 

  • Gestational Diabetes: Occurs in Pregnant Women

  • Causes problems in mother and

  • Increased thirst 
  • Excessive urination
  • Weight loss 

  • Symptoms of Diabetes: Weight Loss

  • Weakness
  • Vision changes
  • Dry skin / dehydration
  • Numbness in hands/ feet
  • Fasting blood glucose level> 126 mg/dL

  • Diagnosis of Diabetes: Fasting Blood Glucose Level

  • Random Blood Glucose> 200 mg/dL
 Complications of diabetes
  • Diabetic Retinopathy (eye)
  • Kidney Disease 

  • Complications of Diabetes: Kidney Disease

  • Heart Disease and Stroke 
  • Nerve Disease 
  • Impotence (sexual disorder)

 Type I diabetes
  • Daily Insulin injections 

  • Treatment of Diabetes: Insulin Injections

  • Insulin cannot be taken as a pill
 Type II diabetes
  • Healthy diet and exercise brings down glucose level.
  • Some people need diabetic medicine or insulin
 Medications to lower blood glucose level
Medications to Lower Blood Glucose Level

  • Sulfonylurea drugs & Meglitinedes: Produces insulin in the pancreas
  • Biguanides: decreases glucose in liver
  • - glucosidase inhibitors: Slows the absorption of starch
  • Consult a diabetologist or general physician

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Gammie64, United States

what can I do to bring down high sugar in a hurry? My husband is acting very lethargic and his sugar is high.

berhane, Eritrea

It is greatful article and it helps to many people not only to the health providers.
Berhane Ghebretinsae Lecturer in College of Nursing and Health technology