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Want to know how tall your child will be as they grow older? Use this calculator to find out your child’s expected adult-height.

Most parents are eager to know how tall their child will grow to be. Taller stature has been linked in many cultures to increased social status. There are many formulas that can predict the future height of your child by taking into consideration the height of the mother and the father.

To a large extent the height of your child is genetically determined. It is estimated DNA sequence variants determine about 80 percent of an individual’s height. The other 20 percent is influenced by environmental factors and also on the nutritional status of the mother during pregnancy.

However, prediction can never be always accurate. In an interview Professor Tim Frayling who was involved in a large study on this subject said, “It’s common knowledge that people born to tall parents are more likely to be tall themselves,” nevertheless he added, “But I’m surprised how complex the picture is. … This goes a long way to fulfilling scientific curiosity that could have real impact in the treatment of diseases that can be influenced by height, such as osteoporosis or cancer.”

Most boys reach their full height potential by the age of 16 to 17 years and girls by 14 to 15 years. This age marks the end of puberty. After 19 years chances of gaining any height would be very unusual.

Use this calculator to estimate your child's future height potential but ensure that the child is happy, active and healthy to attain their full potential in life and this will also help the child to grow tall.
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Interesting Top Ten Facts About Height

  1. The rare condition that causes short stature called achondroplasia is due to defect in genetics and caused by mutation in the FGFR3 gene.
  2. It is estimated that there are more than 700 gene variants that determine the height of an individual.
  3. Growth of the long bones of lower limbs is primarily responsible for the spurt in height during puberty. At the end of puberty the hormones close the growth plates in the long bones.
  4. It is believed that in adulthood a male child will be double the height he was at 24 months. A girl will grow to be double of the height she was at 18 months. This is only an approximate calculation and not an accurate prediction.
  5. Another way to predict height is to take the average height of the parents and then, for boys add 2.5 inches or 6.5cm and for girls subtract 2.5 inches.
  6. Nutritious food is an important determinant for the final height of a child. A child that is   well-nourished and active is likely to be taller than a child on a poor diet.
  7. Eggs are  a good source of protein. Studies in developing countries have shown that children who are regularly fed with at least one egg a day are taller than children who do not get this daily nutrition.
  8. In developing countries it has been estimated that poor nutrition and hygiene cause an estimated 145 million children under age five to have stunted growth.
  9. There is no evidence that activities like hanging, climbing or swimming can increase height.
  10. Non-genetic factors that determine growth and height of a child also include the mother’s nutritional status during pregnancy and habits like smoking or use of hazardous substances.

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karthik0119, India

i am 16 yrs old and i am 5'10 can i grow to my maximum potential height 6'1


Hey, my daughter is 11 years old and already 5'8". Although her potential range is written 5'2" to 5'8". Now, she rarely began puberty which means she would grow even taller. what is wrong here?

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