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How to look tall - Slideshow

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Is 'short' the problem?

Is 'short' the problem?, How to look tall
» Let's face it - appearance does matter in most situations in life.

» A tall frame is traditionally associated with an intelligent, outgoing and charming personality.

» Short people are (wrongly) believed to be bad tempered, dominant and unhealthy.

» But is it possible to 'grow tall' after a certain age?

Can you 'grow' taller?

Can you 'grow' taller?, How to look tall
» With the end of the teen years, our body is usually done with vertical growing.

» Genes and diet dictate how tall we grow. Therefore, a healthy diet is essential during the growing years for bone and muscle development.

» If you're still in the growing stage and think you're not progressing well enough height-wise, speak to a GP.

» For those who've crossed their teens, it's still possible to 'look' tall and improve your appearance with the right dressing.

Growth Hormone

Growth Hormone, How to look tall
» Several claims are made in the market about synthesized growth hormones that will raise your height-bar.

» Be wary of these claims as many may prove baseless.

» Besides, growth hormones are for the overall growth of the body, and not height alone.

» So consult a doctor before you decide to take growth hormone supplements.

Tips to look tall: Dressing

Tips to look tall: Dressing, How to look tall
» Monochromatic clothing (single-coloured outfits) makes you appear tall as the colour continues in an unbroken line.

» It need not be boring though. Add some contrast with accessories - like a bright scarf.

» Avoid clothing that is either too loose or too tight. Wear clothes that fit well at the torso.

» Keep your jacket short. Long overcoats can 'cut your legs short'.

» Sleeveless tops work well too.

Tips to look tall: Dressing

Tips to look tall: Dressing, How to look tall
» Stiff and bulky fabrics won’t work - try a lighter weight variety.

» Vertical detailing is a smart option - especially for work clothes, pinstriped pants are just the thing.

» Dark, neutral colours can work magic on a short frame. The darker the colour, the better it'll look.

» Wear denims that fit you right - pencil jeans look good on a thin people but for those on the plump side, it will only add to a generous back and thighs.

» Short skirts and skirts with more length than width can do a good job too.

Tips to look tall: Accessorize

Tips to look tall: Accessorize, How to look tall
» Unbutton your jacket or cardigan to enhance the vertical effect.

» Let one end of your scarf hang down.

» For jewellery - use long chains over chokers; loopy, dangle earrings over studs.

» Big belts look great, but not on a short frame - go for something more discrete yet casual.

Avoid oversized glasses.

Tips to look tall: Dressing (Men)

Tips to look tall: Dressing (Men), How to look tall
» Short and heavy men should avoid double-breasted coats, belt below paunches and must wear their trousers at the natural waistline.

» Low-rise pants will make you look short.

» Tip of the tie must reach the waistband.

» Tuck in shirts - they look neater too.

» Try V-necks instead of round or turtle necks to add to the frame.

» Spiky hairstyles work well - but make sure you can carry it off.

Tips to look tall: Posture

Tips to look tall: Posture, How to look tall
» A good posture will really help you 'walk tall',

» Slouching, on the other hand, makes you appear short, fat and grumpy.

» Exercise regularly to get your posture right.

» Straighten your back out with simple exercises and practice walking tall with eyes straight ahead.

Tips to look tall: Hair

Tips to look tall: Hair, How to look tall
» Upswept hairstyles can add inches to your height.

» Add volume to the crown with a layered style

» Shorter hair gives an illusion of height - in fact, any style that reveals your neck is quite good.

» Some gentle backcombing, if not a revamped hairstyle, might do the trick too.

Tips to look tall: Shoes

Tips to look tall: Shoes, How to look tall
» Don't shy away from heels - it can really help elongate your frame.

» If stilettos are difficult to manage (or give you back problems), block heels can work just as well.

» Tennis shoes and boots - yes. Flip-flops and sandals - no.

» Men can consider shoe lifts - sneaky shoes with built-in height enhancers!

Walk Tall

Walk Tall, How to look tall
» Sport a 'tall' attitude - your confidence can take you places.

» Dressing is always about getting the balance right - take advice from a stylist when in doubt.

» If you're on the heavy side, losing weight is a good idea.

» Practise stretching exercises to iron out your frame.

» Hang around with shorter people - you'll genuinely be tall then!

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