Why Can't the Immune System Destroy HIV?

  • The immune system recognizes HIV by its antigen shape. But, just when the immune system recognizes one shape, HIV may multiply and change the shape of its antigen.
  • HIV can "hide" from the immune system for a long time.

  • When HIV infects a cell the virus may make more viruses and infect more cells or lie quietly in a cell for a long time. If HIV doesn't reproduce, the immune system can't find it and destroy it.
  • HIV destroys the immune system. The Immune system consists of Innate Immunity and Humoral Immunity Innate Immunity is Non-specific Immunity, whereas Humoral Immunity is specific Immunity. T-cells produce Cell-Mediated Immunity and B-cells produces Humoral Mediated Immunity.
  • As HIV destroys more and more helper T cells, the immune system begins to break down.
  • Finally the immune system can no longer kill HIV or any other invading germs and a person infected with HIV is diagnosed with AIDS.


Jeremy1977 Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I was told that only after 7 weeks of having sex with an HIV positive person the virus can be detected in a healthy [HIV negative] person. During this 7 weeks period the HIV multiply and grows. My question is, during this period, can a strong immune system can fight off the HIV and defeat it, kill it? For example, if I'll eat only healthy food, exercise, etc' - and have a strong immune system, I can prevent myself from having AIDS? Even though I had unprotected sex?

tiffy Saturday, March 26, 2011

youths aged between 13 to 24 are at the centre are infected with HIV 15 million youths worldwide have HIV and some youths dont even know they have HIV, some people have no signs of HIV until later stages antibodies are testing to see if a person is HIV postive

Yoggoth Tuesday, August 17, 2010

According to my calculations, at least a billion people are now infected, and a million more are being infected every day. Can you comment on this?

iha_chauhan Saturday, November 7, 2009

hi people! AIDS can affect anyone anywhere. The best way is to protect yourself from any kind of unprotected exposure like sex workers, multi-partner sex, syringes, blood transfusion etc. Though women are more susceptible, men are equally receptable to infection. Symptoms as such could'nt be monitored. Its usually associted with decreased immunity with consecutive infections. The virus may not show itself to a maximum of 10 years. The only way is to check urself for HIV virus. Bye . Have a safe life

godsooh Thursday, May 14, 2009

hi, could you tell me a little about the symptoms of a new HIV. does HIV has movement ? does it change the color of urine ? does it cause eternal heat ? does it has a biting movement in the reproductive system ? please, answer me because i am worried!

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