Zardari in Fine Health: Doctors

by Rajashri on Sep 25 2008 4:10 PM

Several cardiologists including Dr. Javed Suleman, Martin Goldman and Samin Sharma examined new Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari in New York yesterday.

The doctors attending to him said that the "affected part of his heart" was found functioning normally and he was in overall good health.

"According to test reports, affected part of Zardari's heart was also functioning properly," The News quoted Dr. Suleman as saying.

The doctor further said that President was found in excellent health.

Nearly one months ago, since Zardari's name was floated for the Presidency, media reports have suggested about several ailments he had suffered in his past life. Reports said that Zardari suffered from dementia and other mental disorders because of the nearly ten years of incarceration following corruption charges.

During the days he spent in jail, Zardari had on several occasions submitted medical certificates about his ill-health, especially mental instability while urging different courts to grant him leave from attending the hearings.

But, after his name was finalized and he filed his nomination papers, his party the PPP confirmed that he suffered from some "health problems" in the past, but now he was perfectly fine to take on the responsibility of the country's head.