World’s First Golf Course to Gain Royal Patronage is Now ‘Totally Unplayable’

by Kathy Jones on May 25 2014 9:14 PM

 World’s First Golf Course to Gain Royal Patronage is Now ‘Totally Unplayable’
The first golf course to gain royal patronage, the North Inch Golf Course, has become ‘totally unplayable’ as the money used for its improvement has been cut short by authorities, a former member of the Perth Artisans Golf Club reveals.
Perth and Kinross Council had pledged to spend an extra 50,000 pounds to save the North Inch Golf Course but with the course having fallen into disrepair through flooding and a lack of investment the council promised to put an extra 25,000 pounds in the course over the next two years to secure its future.

However, golfers have learnt since then that the council has actually cut the funding for the course, which is one of the oldest in Scotland, by 23,800 pounds, the Scotsman reported.

Perth Artisans Golf Club's former member Donald Macleod said that the council slashed the money it pays sports contractors McNab Sport to look after the golf course, adding that the Kinross-based firm says that they are getting this extra money, but they are just cutting back.

Macleod added that as a result of the cut in grounds maintenance the course is currently worse than ever.

Meanwhile Eddi Thornton, greens convener of the Perth Artisans Golf Club, said that the iconic course is totally unplayable, adding that he has been playing the course for 40 years and he has never seen it in such a mess.