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Indian Women Have Accepted Grooming While Men are Opening Up to Body Grooming

by Bidita Debnath on June 8, 2015 at 10:35 PM
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Indian Women Have Accepted Grooming While Men are Opening Up to Body Grooming

Body grooming is the need of the hour - the women agree and insist from men. A majority of women prefer a partner with a well groomed chest and sans excessive body hair, according to Philips India's annual Stylescape Survey.

The survey, conducted by IPSOS in March 2015 for Philips India, is based on responses by 450 males and 350 females in the age group of 25 to 30, in key metros.


According to the survey, 65% of women are against the idea of excessive body hair and 72% prefer men with a well groomed chest.

On the whole, this fourth annual survey reflects how women are becoming observant of grooming while men are increasingly opening up to body grooming. Also, contrary to popular belief, men nowadays are immensely careful about their looks and are looking for body grooming solutions or gadgets to address this issue.

Some of the points highlighted in the survey indicate that excessive body hair is a big no for the woman of today. In fact, 65% of women insist that it is one of the factors that impact their choice of a spouse or partner.

When asked whether they would be comfortable if their partner had chest hair showing from his sexy V-neck tee, 32% of women would refuse to step out of the house. Another 30% would, however, try to convince their partner to clean the hair before stepping out.

Interestingly, while a good sense of humor and compassion top the list of 'ideal' characteristics in a partner, personal grooming trumps chivalry with women preferring a partner who is well groomed and presentable, to one who holds doors open for her.

While the women are becoming more vocal about their preferences, the men are also taking note. Over 40% of men believe that excessive body hair does turn off their partner, 70% men would like to know more about the best tools to remove body hair -- all for the sake of intimacy.

"Indian men are becoming more conscious about being body groomed nowadays. They are looking for skin friendly bodygrooming solutions but are still conservative about discussing this," said Anurita Chopra, director marketing - Philips Consumer Lifestyle.

With fast evolving trends and changing fashion mantras, 90% of men are adapting to and accepting fashion that demands a groomed body. Also, 60% of men admit that they have been in embarrassing situations due to ungroomed body hair peeking out from their trendy clothes.

While increased intimacy is a key incitement to body grooming for men, factors like confidence to flaunt their torsos and ability to come across as well styled, still remain the most important reasons to groom their body. As in the case of women, armpits and intimate areas are the top concern for men too.

When it comes to the perfectly groomed body, a consultative approach seems to be the order of the day. While 65 percent of women are open to speaking to their partners about their body grooming preferences, 60% of men are influenced by their partners.

As men get increasingly curious about body grooming, 55 percent of men turned towards men's magazines, mobile apps, men's blogs and brand websites for answers. Interestingly, the women too are taking charge and 50% of women pick up men's magazines for body grooming information for their men as well.

Source: IANS


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