by Himabindu Venkatakrishnan on  January 22, 2015 at 10:38 PM Lifestyle News
 Willingness to 'Learning' Likelier to Get 'Dream Jobs'
People who have an attitude to learn will have more success finding their dream jobs than their counterparts, reveals a new study.

In the study, Turban and Serge da Motta Veiga, found that people who had a strong learning goal orientation (LGO) reacted to failures by putting more intensity into the search process compared to job seekers who had a low LGO. Additionally, when the process was going well, individuals with a high LGO maintained or slightly increased their intensity, while those who had a low LGO decreased their intensity.

Turban and da Motta Veiga also mentioned that it's not just about genetics. People with a low LGO can learn techniques or behaviors to help them improve their LGO so they handle stress and failures better.

The study is published in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Source: ANI

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