by Tanya Thomas on  March 12, 2011 at 12:00 PM Lifestyle News
 Why a Holiday Here Stinks! The World's Smelliest Tourist Locations
A survey has revealed the world's smelliest holiday spots and they fall in Mexico, Italy, France, Country Durham, and New Zealand.

The survey was conducted by travel website and it came up with the world's foulest-smelling locations, the Courier Mail reported.

First on the list is Cancun in Mexico, which is known for its beaches and party atmosphere, and also its unpleasant odour, which comes from sewers close by hotels.

Next, Venice in Italy has a reputation for being smelly especially during the summer months when the city's sewage system pumps waste directly into the canals.

In third place is Rotorua in New Zealand, which is famous for its geothermal hot springs, which have earned themselves a smelly name because of the overpowering stench of rotten eggs.

The smell is a result of the hydrogen sulphide emissions from the springs, hence the reason for the city's nickname of "Sulphur City".

St Helen Auckland in Country Durham reduces its visitors to tears due to a local farm whose produce has made the village smell of "rancid onions".

Some warn that the odour is so bad that they cannot leave their homes or even open their windows.

Last, Cote-D'or in France has been made smelly by the cheese it produces. The Epoisses de Bourgogne is the world's smelliest cheese, and the smell is so bad that it has been banned from public transport.

Source: ANI

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