Use the Aria Smart Scale to Post Your Weight Online

by Kathy Jones on Jan 10 2012 8:38 PM

 Use the Aria Smart Scale to Post Your Weight Online
San Francisco-based fitness company Fitbit unveiled their latest fitness device, a weighing scale that allows users to post their weights on the internet.
The Aria Smart Scale was unveiled at CES 2012 in Las Vegas with Fitbit revealing that the device is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing users to post their weights online. The company expressed hope that allowing your friends to see your weight can act as a motivation factor for those who are looking to reduce their excess weight.

For those who do not want to broadcast their weight to the world, they can do so by opting to keep the device on private setting which is the default option. Fitbit said that the data sent is then used by the company to create charts and graphs that will provide a visual aid for the users on how they are progressing with regards to their weight goals.

The Aria Smart Scale will start shipping in April and will cost around $129.95.