UAE Outsources Camel Milk to Rest of the World as Chocolate!

by Tanya Thomas on Nov 18 2008 9:51 AM

A little bit of innovation, a dash of common business sense and a whole lot of camel milk- that’s what the UAE is banking on to ensure that Al Nassma clicks in the international confectionary market. You never know, you may soon be taking a delicious bite of the Arabian deserts with the world's first camel-milk chocolate!

The manufacturers of Al Nassma are considering breaking into the European chocolate market with their own special recipe.

Although camel milk is a traditional staple among Bedouin tribes, it has never before been used in chocolate.

Al-Nassma, the Arabic word for a cool desert breeze, tastes slightly sweeter and richer than traditional chocolate, but also costs more, selling for about 4.50 pounds a bar.

The camel-milk chocolate, which is available only by special order within the United Arab Emirates, is billed as 'a true innovation . . . deemed to conquer the world as the sweet ambassador of Arabia'.

"Nobody thought about using camel milk before, then people from the camel world met people from the chocolate world and it occurred to everybody that it was obvious," Times Online quoted Martin van Almsick, the general manager of Al-Nassma's makers, also called Al-Nassma, as saying.

He said that it took nearly three years to get the recipe right.

"There was a huge amount of trial and error," he added.